Greystone Canyon

New Music Review : Greystone Canyon - While The Wheels Still Turn : Dangerdog Music Reviews : Craig HartranftAustralian rock sensation Greystone Canyon released their second album “Iron & Oak” this pat March 8th on Rockshots Records. The highly anticipated full-length is the follow-up to their successful 2018 debut “While the Wheels Still Turn”. Known for their unique blend of tone, feel, and honest rock, “Iron & Oak” promises an even more captivating musical journey. “It’s kind of a Lynyrd Skynyrd meets Aerosmith track… starting with some slide and 12-string guitar and has a real classic rock feel. The song is about sitting up late at night and having conversations with those who have passed on. A kind of spiritual seance that connects us with those beyond this mortal coil. We have some guests on this track and sing some backing vocals, piano, violin, and viola.” See for more.

Raging Waters

Path We Stray

Astral Plane

Take Us All

In These Shoes

Breathe Again

No Saint

We All Become Yesterday

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