Ozric Tentacles

Ozric Tentacles Releasing Technicians of the Sacred, Upcoming Live ...Ozric Tentacles (also known as The Ozrics) are an English instrumental rock band, whose music incorporates elements from a diverse range of genres,  including  psychedelic rock, progressive rock, space rock, jazz fusion, electronic music, dub music, world music, and ambient music. Formed in Somerset in 1983, the band has released over 30 albums selling over a million copies worldwide despite never having signed to a major recording label. Throughout many line-up changes over the years, co-founder and guitarist Ed Wynne has remained the only original member of the band. See for more.

Jurassic Shift


Stripey Clouds (from Space For The Earth)


Pixel Dream



The Domes of G’Bal

The Throbb

Humboldt Currant



Trees Of Eternity

Technicians of the Sacred 2015, Full Album

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