RiverseaThe idea for Riversea was first formed as a song writing collaboration between Brendan Eyre and Marc Atkinson that started around the summer of 2006. Brendan, a keyboard orientated song writer, gave Marc a CD copy of his 2005 solo album and the vocalist really liked what he heard. The duo both decided it would be interesting to see what would come out of a fusion of both their individual styles. As they both lived over an hours drive from each other houses, Brendan sent over his first instrumental idea on a CD to Marc during that time. At his studio in York Marc, an acoustic singer/songwriter, added his melodies and lyrics to the composition. The resulting song, ‘Out of an Ancient World’, See for more.

Drowning in Vertigo (The Tide)


The Beginning

The Song

Your last day


Is That What God Wants?

Out of an Ancient World

Out of an Ancient World

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