Progressive Tracks — PHIDEAUX - “MICRODEATH SOFTSTAR” (Doomsday...Phideaux Xavier (born Scott Riggs; January 14, 1963) is an American television director, and composer of modern technological music that he describes as ‘psychedelic progressive gothic rock’, who grew up near New York City but now lives in Los Angeles. Phideaux first played with Mark Sherkus (piano), Dean Deluke (drums), and Bucky Deluke (trumpet) in ESP. He was later part of a band called the Delukes from Southern California. Next, Xavier played with Molly Ruttan (drums), Linda Ruttan-Moldawsky (bass) and Amanda Ettlinger (flute) in a progressive rock band called Mirkwood, which later morphed into a punk/pop band called Sally Dick & Jane, after the departure of Amanda Ettlinger, and the addition of vocalist/keyboardist Valerie Gracius. They played at various legendary NYC clubs, including Max’s Kansas City and CBGB, during the early to mid 1980s, but failed to record anything of substance and were marginal to the scene. See for more.

Thank You For The Evil


The Doctrine Of Eternal Ice (Part Two)



Waiting For the Axe To Fall

From Hydrogen to Love

Snowtorch (Part 1)

Doomsday Afternoon 2007 Full Album

Number Seven 2010 Full Album

Infernal 2018 full album

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