Taï Phong

TAI PHONG - Music IndustrapediaTaï Phong is a French progressive rock band formed by two Vietnamese brothers, Khanh Maï (guitar, voice) and Taï Sinh (bass, guitar, voice, keyboards), in 1975. They were joined by Jean-Alain Gardet (keyboards), Stephan Caussarieu (drums, percussion) and Jean-Jacques Goldman (guitar, voice, violin). They released three albums between 1975 and 1979: Taï Phong (1975), Windows (1976) and Last Flight (1979). “Sister Jane” (1975), the first single from their first album, was a radio hit.The band reunited in 2000 with Khanh Maï and Stephan Caussarieu. They are joined by Hervé Acosta (voice) and Angelo Zarzuelo (keyboards). As of 2007, Khan Maï remains the only original member of the band. See for more.

Rainy night in Saïgon

Out Of The Night

Fields of gold


Out of the Night

Gulf of knowledge

Last Flight

Carry me

The Gulf of Knowledge

When It’s the Season



Last Chance


Sister Jane

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