Band Geek

Hold On - Wilson Phillips Cover by the Band Geeks featuring Emily ...BAND GEEK is more than just a show, it has become a guiding philosophy in everything I do. In a world where everyone is trying to out-cool each other, I’m more comfortable proudly wearing my passions on my sleeve and not worrying about whether anyone else will think it’s geeky or cheesy. So with that in mind, I feel like being a BAND GEEK is an awesome thing.  I get to play music with my friends every week on YouTube, tour the world with Blue Öyster Cult, and do some really fun projects with some very interesting people (both geeks and non-geeks.) See for more.


Owner of a Lonely Heart with Steve LaCerra

Close To The Edge

Hold The Line


Heaven and Hell with Emily Nacchio

Hold On featuring Emily Nacchio



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