Noemi Terrasi

Noemi Terrasi (@Terrasi_Noemi) / XNoemi Terrasi is an Italian guitarist and composer that I first saw mentioned in a post on a Haken fan-group. And she’s probably one of the most pleasant surprises I’ve ever uncovered through a random click. “Black Seagull” is her debut four track EP and it displays an impressive palette of musicianship and creativity. She’s a multi-tasker, having handled everything on this EP by herself apart from the mix and mastering and the bass recording on the last two songs. There is a strong Dream Theater influence especially in the shredding department that screams of John Petrucci but she skillfully avoids becoming a copycat with melodic leads and progressive grooves that are very much her own, putting together a playing style with lots of originality and virtuosity. See for more.

Black Seagull

The Way Home

Ice Wind

Steel Eyes

Guitarmory Foxbat 7 strings

Black Seagull [EP]

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