Anabasi Road

ANABASI ROAD band / artist (Italy) - discography, reviews and detailsThe band was founded in 2009 in Reggio Emillia, Italy by musicians that has the desire to experiment with progressive rock music that mix and blend influences of various kinds including a spice of blues and vintage hard rock. The keyboard player Luca Orlandini has just graduated with eloquence from the Conservatory after the graduation of the guitar player Alessio Gambarelli. The line-up is completed by Andrea Giberti (vocals, harmonica, synths), Massimiliano Braglia (guitar, drums), Riccardo Vecchi (bass)and Nicholas Corandini (guitar, drums). The name of the band refers to the Ancient Greek and evoyer a hard march uphill. See for more.

What Does It Mean?

Maybe Tomorrow

I Walk Alone

The Dream Machine

Clashing Stars

Guerra Mondiale

Clashing Stars

Dreaming for You

Pleasure in Me


Say Man

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