KAIPA - A photo from the recording of KAIPA's album... | FacebookThey went on stage. Long, loud, clouds of chords, soft swelling guitar, cymbal-rolls, thick keyboard chords, bass rumbling, the clouds building, denser, louder, the intensity growing painfully patiently, finally releasing in a beautiful haunting wailing theme… and then the song… a bright almost ethereal voice ”With a touch of loneliness, bitterness, we watch all the values sipper out of our hands….” the music moves forward, taking me along on a vast journey, a journey of hope, despair, dreams, wishes, a story about civilisations, corrupt leaders… I still have one frase as a hall-mark ”The higher they climb, the holders of power, the more you should distrust them: for the biggest crooks _always_ the highest”. Complex, yet logical, the harmonies moved, building, releasing, intricate passages, long wonderful solos, not to brag, but to enhance, specify, explain. The Taurus bass boomed lower than anything I had heard. The guitar soared to places I could only dream of. The drums pounded, danced, sang, hammered. The organ, piano, synths covered colours I barely knew existed. The voice touched the clouds. See for more.

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