The Lens

THE LENS discography and reviewsFounded in Southampton, England in 1977 – Disbanded in 1981 – “Reformed” in 2010. To find the roots of a “modest” band called THE LENS, we have to go back to 1976, when guitarist Mike Holmes, Peter Nicholls (vocals) and Niall Hayden (drums) met when according to the urban myth, searching for a GENESIS ticket, so they decide to form a band called THE GILN almost out of nothing.
They soon recruit bass player Rob Thompson and keyboardist Peter Blackler and changed the name to THE LENS. They start to play in small venues. Really this was an amateur attempt, to the point that Niall Hayden often was replaced by Brian Marshall, or when the two were together, both played, something similar happened with Peter Nichol’s position. See for more.

Sleep Until You Wake


Choosing A Farmer Part IV

Choosing a Farmer (Part 1)

IQ On Stephen’s Castle Down


Childhood’s End

A Little Robot Juice

Shafts of Light

Twenty Eight

Of Tide and Change

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