Electric Mud

Electric Mud | Discography | DiscogsElectric mud is a project by hagen bretschneider (psychedelic basses & autistic sound concept) realized by nico walser (schizoid synthesizers & sologuitars, bipolar sound consulting & omnambulic engineering), thanks to lennart hüper (manic riff guitars) & manfred lohse (neurotic videos). See for more

Empress of the last days

Adventures in a liquid world

The space between the shadows

Sleeping under a green desert tree


Heads in beds

The echoes of acheron

Wading through the waters of time

Foreign fields

Through The Gates

New horizons

Empire of the sun

Burning in water, drowning in flame

Canary in a cathouse

Black dog

Crawling in circles

Kingdom of rain

Around the mind in 80 lies

Frozen images

Grapefruit moon

Deadend mind

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