Andreas Vollenweider

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor andreas vollenweiderAndreas Vollenweider (born 4 October 1953) is a Swiss harpist. He is generally categorised as a new-age musician and uses a modified electroacoustic harp of his own design. He has collaborated with Bobby McFerrin, Carly Simon, Luciano Pavarotti and in 1987 received a Grammy Award for the album Down to the Moon. Vollenweider’s style has been described by The New York Times as “swirling atmospheric music, which evokes nature, magic and fairy tales”. He has toured internationally and produced fourteen regular albums in a career that spans four decades. See for more.

The Woman and the Stone / Morgana Palace

Moon Dance

Dancing With The Lion Live 1989



Flight Feet And Root Hands

Pyramid In the Woods In the Bright Light

behind the garden

Sena Stanjéna


Steam Forest

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