Floyd Lee

Floyd Lee – AurovilleRadioFloyd Lee, also known as Theodore Williams (August 20, 1933 – June 7, 2020), was an American blues musician. A native of Mississippi, Lee traveled around the United States before settling in New York City in 1972. He is best known for his passionate performances of blues music in and around New York’s subway stations for almost 30 years, before recording four albums on the Amogla Records label and touring in his later years. “Mean Blues” became one of his more popular numbers. Lee was born in Lamar, Mississippi, United States, and he was given away at one month old. As he grew up, Lee picked and chopped cotton during the warmer months, and attended schooling in Memphis, Tennessee, in the winter. Inspired by both his ‘father’, Guitar Floyd, and near neighbour Guitar Slim, Lee learned to play the guitar. See for more.

Bullfrog Blues

Mean Blues

Devil At Your Doorstep

Sometimes I Love You

Am I Tough Enough

When You Break A Young Girls’ Heart

Down in Lamar

Nowhere Is Where I Belong

Blues on 30th Street Full Album

Mean Blues 2001 Full Album

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