Eelco Gelling

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor eelco gellingEelco spent his childhood in Loosdrecht (where he had moved in his first year of life). At the age of eleven, his parents moved to Assen. Gelling became a pupil-photographer at the court, where he was then dismissed because of his long hair. He formed the early 1960s with Nico Schröder (BAS), Hans Kinds (percussion guitar) and Wim Kinds (drums) the Rocking Strings. After attracting Harry Muskee (ex-bassist of the Old Fashioned Jazzgroup) as a singer, the band was named Cuby + Blizzards. Muskee lived in a small farm in the Drentse Grolloo that used the band as a practice room. See for more.

Eelco Gelling

Eelco Gelling speelt tijdens de Dutch Blues Award 2014

Dutch Awesome Guitar Boys:EELCO GELLING w/ JAN AKKERMAN

Eelco Gelling en Jan Akkerman in Grolloo

Golden Earring – Radar Love ( Live 1977, Zwolle, The Netherlands ) with Eelco Gelling

Joe Bonamassa with the Eelco Gelling Burst

Eelco Gelling en Jan Akkerman Carre 2013

John Lee Hooker is a masterpiece

Apeldoorn, 2010

Eelco Gelling and the sunny balcony

Eelco gelling guitar talk

Eelco Gelling, The Dutch Legend

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