Loreena McKennitt

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor Loreena McKennittMany people come to know the public persona of an artist and wonder what they are like off-stage. I may not be the best person to paint that picture, but let me try. I grew up in rural Manitoba, Canada, the daughter of a nurse and a livestock dealer and enjoyed a fairly free and easy rural childhood. I aspired to be a veterinarian as a child but, in the way that “the best laid plans get sent sideways”, I found that music chose me rather than me, it. Interestingly, even after many years of performing, I don’t consider myself to have the strong extroverted personality best suited for a career in music, but rather one which is more comfortable on a farm, in an informal gathering of friends. See for more.

Penelope’s Song


La Serenissima

Two Trees

The Dark Night Of The Soul

The highwayman

Beneath a Phrygian Sky

The old ways

The Mystics Dream

Egyptian music


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