Roy Young

RIP: Roy Young, The Man Who Said 'No' To Joining The Beatles | Billboard CanadaRoy Frederick Young (20 October 1934 – 27 April 2018) was a British rock and roll singer, pianist and keyboard player. He first recorded in the late 1950s before performing in Hamburg with the Beatles. After a stint with Cliff Bennett and the Rebel Rousers, he released several albums with his own band as well as recording with Chuck Berry and David Bowie, among others. Young was born in Poplar, East London, and moved with his family to Oxford at the age of seven. He learned to play boogie-woogie piano at home and in snooker clubs, left school at age 14, and joined the Merchant Navy. While in Australia, he saw the film Blackboard Jungle, and, after returning to England, began a career as a professional singer and musician. See for more.

I’m A Loner

Wild Country Wine

Nowhere To Go

Song without end

Devils daughte

Nowhere Man


give it all to you

Roll it on

Mr Funky edit 01 1972 Full Album

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