Emily Hastings

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor Emily Rose HastingsEmily Hastings has been a musician as long as she can remember. She started singing with her sisters when they were very young, and they actually started a band together, Hastings. Emily has since gone on to find new fame on YouTube as one of the best guitarists out there. She joins the podcast to talk about her process in creating her signature sound and videos, growing her audience and her admiration of Zakk Wylde. In fact, Emily got the rare opportunity to take a master class with Zakk, and now is primed to release her first solo record along with her husband, Warleyson Almeida.
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Here I Am  

Another Brick in the Wall

Little Wing

Hallelujah & Warleyson Almeda

2016 Medley Tribute – Gone but Never Forgotten

Crazy Horse & Warleyson Almeda

Wish I Knew You & Warleyson Almeda

Emily Hastings plays Mozart Medley by Trans-Siberian Orchestra

Crystallize – Lindsey Stirling

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