Afbeeldingsresultaat voor grobschnittFormed in 1970 the band existed till 1989, GROBSCHNITT (which translates to ROUGH CUT) was the best German band from the mid-Seventies (ELOY were then in a more PINK FLOYD… and ambient style). All of the members of the band adopted pseudonyms, namely “Eroc”, “Mist”, “Wildschwein”, “Lupo” and “Popo”. The band was created by Joachim “Eroc” Ehrig (drums, percussion), Stefan “Wildschwein” Daneliak (guitars & vocals), and Gerd-Otto “Lupo” Kühn (guitar, vocals). This nucleus was later completed by Wolgang “Popo” Jäger (bass) and Volker “Mist” Kahrs (keyboards, Mellotron, synthesizers). They were best known as a clone of YES (symphonic progressive group), but they also explored other progressive rock styles (either psychedelic prog or more cohesive “Krautrock” with some stunning instrumental passages that will be familiar to anyone into the likes of MAN, AMON DUUL II, WISHBONE ASH and many similar bands).  See for more

Solar Music I

Solar Music II

Solar Music III

private solar excursion

Golden Mist


Magic Train

Drummer’s dream

Silent Movie

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