Pacific Sound

Cover art for Ballad to Jimi / Thick Fog by Pacific SoundIn the mid-‘60s, the British invasion reached sleepy old Switzerland and overtook the local music scene there. Many bands were formed at schools and youth clubs that wanted to imitate their heroes. Without any rhythm and blues or rock’n’roll roots of their own it was difficult for young musicians to develop originality. Most of the bands were playing cover versions of their idols’ international hits providing them not only with acclaim but also lots of gigs at local dances.
This was the also the case with Val-De-Travers in the French speaking Swiss canton of Neuchatel. Thus began the story of Pacific Sound. Four friends, Chris Meyer (vocals), Mark Treuthardt (guitar, bass), Diego Lecci (drums) and Roger Page (keyboards) were practising there for their next gig at the Ballroom in their birthplace of Motiers. Yves Dubois, a friend and fan of the band, was urging the band to “stop playing ballrooms, start writing your own songs, form a pop band!!”. See for more.

The drug just told me

Ballad To Jimi

Forget Your Dream

Ceremony For A Dead

Thick Fog

If Your Soul Is Uncultivated

Erotic Blues

Gyli Gyli

Forget Your Dream 1972 Full Vinyl Album

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