Collage is the first Polish neo prog band who gained popularity outside homeland and became widely known to prog fans all over the world. It’s legend is getting even stronger as time passes by. Collage was founded by Mirek Gil (guitar) and Wojtek Szadkowski (drums) in 1985 Warsaw, Poland. Both gentlemen were responsible for the majority of compositions of all band’s albums and Wojtek has written nearly all lyrics for Collage songs. Collage’s first album entitled “Baśnie” (Fairytales) released in 1990 received enthusiastic reception from fans and critics. Baśnie, written in Polish, entered German, French, Dutch and Italian markets. Collage members were completely unaware of this fact till 1992, when Italian label Winyl Magic released the album in Italy a year later. Back In Poland in annual pool of the major music magazine “Teraz Rock” Collage reached no. 7 in the category Best Polish Band of the year. See for more.

Man In The Middle

One empty hand

Living in The Moonlight

Over And Out

What About The Pain

Moonshine 1994 full album

Safe 1996 Full Album

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