Sunchild biography | Last.fmFounded in Kharkiv, Ukraine in 2008. Sunchild is yet another prog project from talented and prolific Ukrainian musician Antony Kalugin. Kalugin currently records under three band names, Karfagen, Hoggwash and Sunchild. Under the Sunchild name, he brought together a plethora of other Ukranian musicians to supplement his impressive keyboard and writing talents. The music is an all out prog feast with many varied tempos and loads of keyboards washing over everything. A wide array of horns and woodwinds are used to great extent as well. Kalugin does the bulk of the singing (in English) with perhaps a slight accent. He also brings in guest vocalists, both male and female to add even more dimensions to the proceedings. See for more.

Mystery Train Pink Floyd dedication

Victory Voyager

The Ring of Eternity

The Gnomon

The Wrap (Intro)

Under the Wrap (Part 2)

Isolation (Part 2)

Stars of Cardiff Bay live 2016

The Pause

Searching Diamonds

Stuck In Here (Live)

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