Dreamstate Logic

Dreamstate Logic biography | Last.fmDreamstate Logic is the solo electronic music project of Colby Sixx (b. 1985) currently residing in the vast, unforgiving expanse of desert land known as Arizona. Drawing influences from the entire spectrum of electronic music genres, Dreamstate Logic manifests in the form of a constantly evolving futuristic downtempo/ambient/ electronic soundscape containing the energy of all the thoughts, emotions, and experiences of his own personal journey through inner and outer space. The love for electronic music had always been there since his first interests in trance and industrial music in his early teen years, and all the time performing and writing over the years felt that he could express himself musically much better in a solo setting. See for more.


Etheric Echoes

Galaxy’s Child

Phase Transition

Code Of Existence


Hidden Realms

Starseed Transmissions

1000 Worlds

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