Sandy Denny/Fairport Convention

Exclusive! Hear Fairport Convention's previously unreleased version of Joni  Mitchell's “Eastern Rain” with solo Sandy Denny vocals - UNCUTFairport Convention is a British folk rock band, founded around 1967. Their first performance was in a church in May 1967. The band is regarded as a pioneer of the English version of folk rock, a style that until then was entirely based on the American folk of artists like Bob Dylan. With medieval ballads like Matty Groves (13th century) and music influenced by English and Celtic folk, Fairport Convention was an example for many bands in England and beyond. Fairport Convention has undergone numerous occupation changes and has started to play more traditional folk over the years. Well-known artists who have played with the band include Sandy Denny, Iain Matthews and Richard Thompson. See for more.

Fhir a Bhata

Green Grow the Laurels

No End

Candle In The Wind

The Hiring Fair

Farewell Farewell

A Sailor’s Life

The Battle Of Evermore, with Robert Plant

She moves through the fair

Matty Groves


Who knows where the time goes

I’m a Dreamer

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