Paul Gilbert

Mr. Big - Wacken Open Air 2018 18.jpgPaul Brandon Gilbert (born November 6, 1966) is an American hard rock and heavy metal guitarist. He is best known for being the co-founder of the band Mr. Big. He was also a member of Racer X, with whom he released several albums. In 1996, Gilbert launched a solo career, for which he has released numerous solo albums, and featured in numerous collaborations and guest appearances on other musicians’ albums. Gilbert has been voted fourth-best on GuitarOne magazine’s “Top 10 Greatest Guitar Shredders of All Time”. He has also ranked in Guitar World’s “50 Fastest Guitarists of All Time” list. See for more.

Blues For Rabbit

Fuzz Universe

I Own A Building

Havin’ It

Bach Partita In Dm

Down to Mexico (Live)

Let That Battery Die

The Curse of Castle Dragon

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