Kaprekar’s Constant

Review – Kaprekar's Constant – The Murder Wall – John Wenlock-Smith – ProgradarA London-based rock commune KAPREKAR’S CONSTANT were founded as the brainchild of childhood friends, songwriters and multi-instrumentalists Al NICHOLSON and Nick JEFFERSON in 2016. The commune consist of Al, Nick, Mike WESTERGAARD (keyboards), Bill JEFFERSON (voices), Dorie JACKSON (voices), David JACKSON (saxophones, flutes, whistles, bell), Phil GOULD (drums, percussion, djambe), Paul GUNN (spoken), Sean JEFFERSON (painting), Will HESSE (photography), and Sophie BUTTERS (web design).See for more.

Rosherville Part 1

White Star’s Sunrise

Ghost Planes

Rosherville Part 2


Houdini – King of Cards

Four-Faced Liar

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