Afbeeldingsresultaat voor suldusk bandSuldusk began in 2016 as Emily Highfield’s one woman project, weaving acoustic tones of Dark Folk with elements of Post Rock and Atmospheric Black Metal.
Debut album Lunar Falls creates a powerful panoramic of shimmering guitars, haunting melodies and atmospheric density. The album’s undercurrent theme is about living on the margins and the quest for self identity. Nature provides a source of refuge and guidance throughout this quest. The album was released by Northern Silence Productions (Germany) in April 2019. Suldusk has supported international bands Eluveitie, Anaal Nathrakh, Zeal & Ardor, Wolves In The Throne Room and more. See for more.

Solus Ipse

Drogue (feat. Skyggefigurrer)


The Elm

Three Rivers



Sovran Shrines


Autumnal Resolve

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