Dr. Strangely Strange

Dr Strangely Strange - It's Psychedelic Baby MagazineDr. Strangely Strange are an experimental Irish folk group, formed in Dublin in 1967 by Tim Booth (born 6 September 1943, County Kildare, Ireland), vocals and guitar, and Ivan Pawle (born 17 August 1943, England), bass and keyboards. After playing an initial 1967 Trinity College gig with guitarist Humphrey Weightman, and some 1968 gigs with keyboard player/vocalist Brian Trench, Booth and Pawle teamed up with multi-instrumentalist Tim Goulding (born 15 May 1945, Hatch Street, Dublin), vocals, recorder and keyboards, at that time an aspiring painter. Goulding and Pawle were living and rehearsing in a Lower Mount Street house rented by Goulding’s girlfriend, “Orphan Annie” Mohan, which its tenants nicknamed “The Orphanage”. Tim Booth later lived in a second Orphanage in Sandymount, Dublin. The two Orphanages became a springboard for a new generation of Irish rock, helping launch the careers of Thin Lizzy’s Phil Lynott, Gary Moore and others. See for more.


Lady Of The Glen

Kip Of The Serenes

sign of My Mind

Ship Of Fools

Frosty Mornings

Dr.Dim & Dr.Strange

Strangely Strange But Oddly Normal

Existence now / Mirror, mirror

Dr Strangely Strange

H̤e̤a̤v̤y̤ P̤e̤t̤t̤i̤n̤g̤ Full Album (1970)

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