Afbeeldingsresultaat voor pendragon the bandPendragon are an English neo-progressive rock band established in 1978 in Stroud, Gloucestershire as Zeus Pendragon by guitarist and vocalist Nick Barrett. The word Zeus was dropped before the band started recording, as the members decided it was too long to look good on a T-shirt. There were a few personnel changes in the early days, but since 1986 the lineup has remained relatively stable (with only the drummer changing twice since then) and the band were still active as of 2018. See for more.

Breaking The Spell

The Voyager

If i Were the Wind (and you were the rain)

The Walls of Babylon


The Masquerade Overture

The Edge Of The World

It’s Only Me

In Bardo

Am i really losing you


Green and Pleasant Land

Eternal Light

The Last Man on Earth

Lady Luck

For When The Zombies Come


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