Electric Orange

Electric Orange - Progressive Rock Music ForumFounded in Aachen, Germany in 1992 ELECTRIC ORANGE is a german neo krautrock band, mainly based on two masterminds Dirk Jan MÜLLER (keys) and Dirk BITTNER (guitar). Up to now both musicians had uncounted collaborations during their development and produced a huge amount of material on MC, Vinyl and CD-R. Besides some temporary flirts with house/techno elements the band actually delivers modern trippy krautrock adapted music, where Tom RÜCKWALD handles the bass guitar since the year 2000. The sound is decorated with cheerful electronic elements adapted from Tangerine Dream or Popol Vuh as well as provided with obsessional rhythms in the vein of Can or even Kraftwerk – all you might expect as significant for a contemporary krautrock sound. See for more.

Krautrock from hell





Borrowed Toothpaste Paranoia



Platte (Full Album)

XX(Full Album)

Netto(Full Album)

Netto Full Album

Platte Full Album

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