Signing Story: Satellite | Music Connection MagazineSatellite is a Polish progressive rock band. It was founded in 2000 by college drummer Wojtek Szadkowski as a quartet, with Sarhan Kubeisi on guitar, Robert Amirian as vocalist and bassist, and Krzysiek Palczewski on keyboards. Their debut album, A Street Between Sunrise And Sunset, was released on March 10, 2003 by Metal Mind Productions. Its follow-up, Evening Games, was released in February 2005, and reached no. 8 at the top 100 best selling records in Poland. At the beginning of June 2005, regular rehearsals helped develop Satellite as a real band and not just Wojtek’s solo studio project. As a result, Satellite recorded the live DVD Evening Dreams (2006) on 22 September 2005. See for more.

On The Run

Beautiful World

Evening Wind (Part 1)

Evening Games (Part 1)

Evening Games (Part 2)

Evening Overture

Intro/Never Never


Beautiful World

Saving Us Tonight

Midnight snow

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