Minimum Vital

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor MINIMUM VITALMINIMUM VITAL creates some very lush vocal textures with very interesting harmonies. The music has some very infectious rhythms. They mix art-rock influences from YES, an amazing virtuosity coming from fusion, many innovations and a deep mark from medieval and southern European traditional musics. From these diverse elements, France’s MINIMUM VITAL has certainly its own individuality on the desk of progressive rock. “Esprit D’Amor” is certainly the most original expression from the Progressive field of the last ten years! The warm voices and the happy, energetic and direct Progressive music possess a huge musical charisma. See for more.

Miranda Remix 2008

Air caravan’

King Gürü

Esprit d’amor

Song à cinq

La pavane

Modern trad’

Mystical West

Lequel de nous

Javary & Montago

Retour au domaine

La compagnie

Sarabande n°2

Etranger en sa demeure

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