Tomorrow’s Gift

Tomorrow's Gift — Tomorrow's Gift 1970 (Germany, Krautrock/Progressive Rock) | Rock Archeologia 60 — 70TOMORROW’S GIFT was an early German prog rock band, totally avoiding the Krautrock sound like many of their contemporaries (CAN, AMON DÜÜL II, etc.) and going for an early, rough, unpolished prog rock sound, much like JETHRO TULL. The band featured female vocalist Ellen Meyer, who apparently had a very poor grasp of the English language. If you thought ELOY’s Frank Bornemann had trouble with the English language, wait until you hear this lady. Another notworthy member is guitarist Carlo Karges. He was later a member of NOVALIS (only on their self-entitled second album from 1975), and in the 1980s, was found playing for Nena (the lady who gave us that worn-out synth-pop hit, “99 Red Balloons”, or as it’s known in German, “99 Luftballoons”). See for more.

Enough to Write a Song About or Two

How You want to Live

Riddle In A Swamp 1970

Geier Krautrock on LSD

Prayin’ to Satan

Tenakel Gnag

Gray Aurora

Riddle In A Swamp (1970)

Second Song


Tomorrow’s Gift – 1970 – Full Album

Goodbye Future 1972 Full Album

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