Instrumental Post-Rock Band- Hubris - BandBazaar.comHubris is a Swiss post-rock band originating from Fribourg. Formed in 2014, the instrumental quartet is characterised by their original style which blends an experimental touch of post-rock, electronica atmosphere and some elements of the metal scene. They draw their inspiration from bands like Jakob, This Will Destroy You, Tides of Man orJon Hopkins amongst others. With their style evoking introspection, hubris. characterise themselves with the length of their compositions, allowing a range of evolving emotions through softness and power. Sometimes compared with other artists like Sigur Rós or Long Distance Calling, the band calls forth emotions of its audience due to a heterogeneous musical landscape mixing poetic ambiance and raw energy. See for more.

Live teaser

Aphrodite Terra




Deimos To Phobos


Doom Mons (Apocryphal Gravity)

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