Chris Bouchillon

Chris Bouchillon: Born In Hard Luck - YouTubeChristopher Allen Bouchillon (August 21, 1893 – September 18, 1968) was an American country music and blues musician from South Carolina, who is often credited with being the originator of the talking blues musical style.]Bouchillon was born on August 21, 1893 to John and Hester Patterson Bouchillon in Oconee County, South Carolina and died on September 18, 1968, in West Palm Beach, Palm Beach County, Florida. Bouchillon married twice. His first marriage was to Susan Moore, with whom he had two sons, Chris Jr  June 1920 – December 1920) and Robert Anderson Bouchillon (August 27, 1918 – June 1988). His second marriage was to Ethel Mae Waters (1903 – 1980), daughter of Leverett Waters and Louise Smith Waters. See for more.

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My Wife’s Wedding

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