Christelle Berthon

WORLD OF HARMONICA: Christelle “Harp Queen” BerthonBy turns bold as hell and surprisingly self-doubting, Christelle Berthon is one of the most closely watched harmonica players on the web (over 2 million pairs of eyeballs, according to her YouTube stats). She’s a different kind of harmonica hero: instead of gin-soaked juke joints where the smoke hangs low off the ceiling, she found fame playing to jam tracks in front of a web cam at home. She took time out of her gruelling practice regime to tell us about her decision to dedicate herself to harmonica, and share some insights to her style and influences. And as we soon found out, chasing the dream ain’t easy. See for more.

Cat Blues

Hotel California – The Eagles. Igor Presnyakov and Christelle

String Blues

With Wha effect

House of The Rising Sun (mix) – & Mario Montalvo

Cry me a river

Stand By Me

Georgia On My Mind

Amazing Grace


Hey Jude

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