Kraan PhotosNext to EMBRYO, KRAAN are among those German groups who include psychedelic, sometimes ethnic elements to their distinctive, innovative jazz rock. At the beginning of their career, started in 1970, KRAAN free form jazz rock was really into jam sessions, totally improvised, mainly instrumental (featuring sax sections and many guitar / bass solos). Their self title album was experimented with ethnic, psychedelic / acid tastes and discreet electronic manipulations. Since their debut album and with their two following “Wintrup”, “Andy Nogger” the band has demonstrated with interest, dynamism and humour how can we make fusion / jazz with addition of influences from everywhere. See for more.

Gut Und Richtig

Silky Way.

Soldier Drums

Nam Nam

My Brother Said

M.C. Escher


Let It Out

Jerk Of Life live 1974

Vollgas Ahoi (1977)

Hallo Ja Ja, I Don’t Know

Vollgas Ahoi

Sarahs Ritt durch den Schwarzwald (1972)

Kraan Arabia (1972)

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