Muito Kaballa Power Ensemble

Muito Kaballa: Musikentdeckung im Bürgerpark DorstenMuito Kaballa Power Ensemble, also known as the project by Niklas Mündemann, started out as a one-man show on the streets and quickly gained attention through his loopstation performances. After the recording of the first album ‘Everything Is Broke’ on German label Switchstance Recordings, Niklas Mündemann wanted to move away from the entertainer image and explore new musical ideas. When he met musician Jan Janzen, the two instantly decided to create a band and take the project to the next level on their 2nd album ‘Mamari’, released in May 2021 on Rebel Up records. See for more.


Aga Aga

Tin Tin

There’s Always Sun


Curupira (Original)

Mbule Mwule

Muito Kaballa Power Ensemble – Mamari (2021 – Album)

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