The Gleam Of Last Light

Stream The Gleam Of Last Light music | Listen to songs, albums, playlists  for free on SoundCloudAtmospheric/Melodic Metal/Post Rock Project from Athens,  Greece. Brilliant Athenian post rock band, uses atmospheric, melancholy, and metal textures. His melodies are long, very well structured, smooth, with strings and keyboards in sliding arrangements and chords,  precise, treble, noisy, twisted with creative fingerings, accompanied by a vigorous bass and drums in extreme harmony. Its cadence is smooth, calm, growing, enveloping, passing to a contagious and vigorous euphoria in performance and technique, where the echoes follow the oscillations and our senses. See for more.


In Nothingness is Everything


A Fragmentary Passage

Lost Memories

Fragments of Light

This Shallow Grave (featuring Algos on vocals)


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