TRITONUS discography (top albums) and reviewsTRITONUS was an early project initiated by Peter K. Seiler, a German art-student who continues to make music today and is a well-regarded new-age/ambient/classical composer and performer. Seiler’s intent was to create a ‘classical rock’ band in the tradition of EMERSON, LAKE, and PALMER, complete with heavy keyboards and Lake-inspired English vocals. The group enlisted a new vocalist for their second and final album (Geff Harrison) who had been a founding member of the defunct 2066 & THEN, and had most recently left KIN PING MEH in search of a solo career. See for more.

Prison Of Light

Between the Universes

Ohne Titel ( 1973)

Suburban Day Suite: a) The Day Awakes

Suburban Day Suite: b )The Day Works

Suburban Day Suite c) The Day Rests

Escape And No Way Out

Far In The Sky (1975)

Sunday Waltz

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