Red Bazar

Things As They Appear | Red BazarThe band was formed in 2007 with Andy WILSON on guitar, Paul COMERIE on Drums and Mick WILSON on bass and keyboards. The trio released their debut album in 2008, “Connections” which was an instrumental album. It was very well received by the prog world and excellent reviews from around the world. The second album “Differential Being” is also an instrumental album and was released in 2010. The use of more keyboards on the next EP “After the Ice Storm” was too much for Mick when the band was playing live, so the band was looking for another keyboard player. See for more.

The Meet

Sunset for a New World


Fallen Tears

Things As They Appear Taster

Calling Her On

Calling Her On (2nd part)

Queen of the Night

Tom Sawyer

City and the Stars

The Parting. Explained

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