GIFT discography and reviewsGerman act GIFT started out as a school band back in 1969, initially under the moniker Phallus Dei, with an initial line-up consisting of Rainer Baur (guitar), Hermann Lange (drums), Uwe Patzke (bass), Helmut Treichel (vocal) and Nick Woodland (guitar). By 1972 Woodland had left to join Subject Esq., while the rest of the band hit the studio to record their first album, and in 1973 their self-titled debut Gift was issued. On this production the band was pretty much cemented in a heavy rock sound typical of this day and age; with plain, hard guitar riffs served aplenty. One year later their sophomore effort Blue Apple surfaced. By now Treichel had also said his goodbyes to the band, while Dieter Frei (keyboards, moog, mellotron, vocals) and Dieter Atterer (guitars, vocals) had joined the outfit. See for more.



You’ll Never Be Accepted

Got To Find a Way (1974)

Don’t Hurry

Time Machine

Your Life

Gift 1972 Full Album

Blue Apple 1974 full album

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