Afbeeldingsresultaat voor totoToto is an American rock band from Los Angeles that had its greatest successes in the eighties. The members of the group had worked as studio musicians on hundreds of albums before they started working together under the name Toto. Toto is not named after the dog Toto by Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz, as is often assumed. Where is that drummer Jeff Porcaro noticed, shortly after seeing this movie, the demo bands of the group with the word ‘Toto’. Bassist David Hungate followed the idea of Jeff Porcaro. In the 1988 / ’89 season, Jeff Porcaro gave an interview to Jan Douwe Kroeske at the Ahoy in Rotterdam. Toto comes from the Latin In Toto, Et Toto or Et Totas, which means ‘all-encompassing’. See for more.



A Thousand Years




Stop Loving You

I’ll Be Over You


I Won’t Hold You Back

I Will Remember


99 Live

Desert Theme

Medly Falling in between

These Chains

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