Gianluca Vergalito

gianluca vergalito - CBliveHe graduated in Guitar Jazz with the highest marks in 2015 at the Conservatory L. Refice of Frosinone where he studied with some of the greatest Italian jazz musicians such as Ettore Fioravanti, Umberto Fiorentino, Stefano Micarelli, Roberto Spadoni, Marco Tiso, Eugenio Colombo… He played for two consecutive years with the Jazz Orchestra of the Frosinone Conservatory conducted by M. Roberto Spadoni. In 2011 he moved for a few months to Lille, France, thanks to the Erasmus scholarship, where he studied and performed with Guy Gilbert, Christophe Hache, Hugues Rouse, Arnaud Havet, Malo Vallois. He is currently engaged as a composer, arranger and guitarist of the project “JA MU”, guitarist of “Musicomp”, teacher at the civic schools of Colle Sannita (BN), S. Giuliano del Sannio (CB), Oratino (CB). See for more.

Sat Chit Ananda

Impro dai Bunker

There will never be another you

Indra – La Battaglia di Nairobi

Simple Man

Take The A Train

Darn That Dream

Tratti ft. A. Siros

Rosato Vergalito Piccioni Siros @ Cotton Club

Hit the road jack ft. E. Petti

Down in a Hole

Someday Miy Prince Will Come

When Will The Blues Leave

Just Friends

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