Sam Myers

Sam Myers Smoking | fotomagazin.deSamuel Joseph Myers (February 19, 1936 – July 17, 2006) was an American blues musician and songwriter. He was an accompanist on dozens of recordings by blues artists over five decades. He began his career as a drummer for Elmore James but was most famous as a blues vocalist and blues harp player. For nearly two decades he was the featured vocalist for Anson Funderburgh & the Rockets. Myers was born in Laurel, Mississippi, United States. He acquired juvenile cataracts at age seven and was left legally blind for the rest of his life, despite corrective surgery. He could make out shapes and shadows, but could not read print at all; he was taught Braille. See for more.

I Got The Blues

You’re So Fine

Sleeping In the Ground

I Got A Thing For The Voodoo Woman

I’m Tired Of Your Jive”&”Ninety Nine

Sad and Lonesome

You’re So Fine

I’m Your Professor

Sad, Sad Lonesome Day

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