We Stood Like Kings

CONCERT REPORT: WE STOOD LIKE KINGS – DONDERDAG 25 APRIL - Zalu.be News & More“We Stood Like Kings have taken post-rock to a level we didn’t know existed”, stated Rotation 11 a few years ago. It probably is even more relevant today. Piano-based neoclassical post-rock quartet WE STOOD LIKE KINGS from Brussels played 250 shows in 20 European countries while releasing 4 albums on the German high-standard label Kapitän Platte. From live soundtracks for silent cult movies to new arrangements of classical music works, every project is yet another opportunity for We Stood Like Kings to design new ways of blending their refined, textural, epic and intense music with other art forms. A band in a class of its own.



USA 1982



Icebreaker Lenin

Grand Illusion


plays Leoš Janáček

plays Claude Debussy

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