Chris Adams

chris adams (@chrisadamsuk) | TwitterChris Adams brings a palpable energy and considerable skill to his music. Classically trained, this powerful performer fuses the precise agility of his traditional background and the soulfulness of the blues genre with his penchant for venturing past the confines of the ordinary. The songs he creates both borrow from existing musical modalities and extend beyond them. Listening to his music takes one on a journey that is at once melodic and extraordinary, satisfying and lulling, astonishing and invigorating. He creates with sound the visual equivalent of a painter’s colors and hues, varied textures and depth, and one is drawn in to the experience. See for more.

the music of

Past Present and Future David Gilmour guitar sound

OtherSide Of The Sky

Echoes Of Floyd

Spanish Blues

Zeppelin Blues

Bach’s Lullaby


I Was An Island


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