The Marcus King Band

Marcus King Band | 23 september 2017 | | Spot GroningenA 24-year-old guitar phenom and innovative songwriter, Marcus King can simultaneously switch from swaggering rock to supersonic soul – with his vocal powers taking center stage on debut solo record El Doradoout nowThe album is a Dan Auerbach produced, genre-bending release from a world-class young talent, that will establish him as one of the most soulful voices of his generation.  Marcus started learning guitar at age three or four. He has played professionally since he was 11 and always knew he wanted to make music his life. A fourth-generation musician, Marcus has followed in his family’s footsteps. See for more.

Slip Back

The Well

Your Corn Early


I Won’t Be Here


Goodbye Carolina

Guitar In My Hands

Wildflowers & Wine


One Day She’s Here

Sweet Mariona

Rita Is Gone

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