Tony Banks

I was never a show off!" - Tony Banks in The Prog Interview | LouderAnthony George Banks (born 27 March 1950) is an English musician, songwriter and film composer primarily known as the keyboardist and founding member of the rock band Genesis. Banks is also a prolific solo artist, releasing six solo albums that range through progressive rock, pop, and classical music. Banks co-formed Genesis in 1967 while studying at Charterhouse as their keyboardist and one of their principal songwriters and lyricists. He became a prolific user of the Hammond T-102 organ,  Mellotron, ARP Pro Soloist and Yamaha CP-70 piano. In the band’s earliest years Banks would play acoustic guitar for some of the mellow and pastoral songs. See for more.

Forever Morning

Prelude to a Million Years

The Waters of Lethe

Six Pieces for Orchestra – City of Gold

From the Undertow

Lucky Me

An Island in the Darkness

The Final Curtain

This Is Love

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