Beam-Light Aleksandra Dudziak

Beam-Light pictureBeam-Light was a Polish duo consisting of the talented and highly versatile artist Aleksandra Dudziak and drummer Wojciech Sochaczewski. The line-up was completed by highly regarded session musicians Gerard Niemczyk (a drummer who here also plays guitar), bassist Mateusz Cudzich, and saxophonist Marek Batorski. As a young artist Aleksandra started her career atypically, graduating in architecture and interior design at the Academy of Fine Arts specializing in artistic blacksmith techniques. Her interests ranged far beyond the creation of steel sculptures though, and she became a member of the Association of Polish Artists and Designers, with skills not only as a visual artist, but also as a singer and multi-instrumentalist. Playing keyboards and flute, and with a voice often compared to the likes of Kate Bush and Sinead ‘O Connor, she received a diploma of the Summer Jazz Academy, and was the founder of a band called Alchemists before moving on to Beam-Light. The band is now defunct. See for more.

Far Away

Waiting For The Promised Land

Aleksandra Dudziak
Resurrected In Love

Love Like Rain

HB Level Of Your Heart Belief In Him Who Is

By Whom Are You Captured?

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Pass The Door

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