Robin Trower

Robin Leonard Trower (Catford, 9 March 1945) is a British guitarist, initially successful with Procol Harum and then with his own trio, the Robin Trower Band. Trower grew up along the coast at Southend-on-Sea in Essex. At the age of seventeen, he founded the Paramounts Music Group, where Plaatsgenoot Gary Brooker joined later. After four years (1966) the band fell apart. Trower then founded the jam, not to be confused with the jam, on, a band from three members, a composition that later became the trademark of Trower. Brooker had now formed a band called Procol Harum and asked old friend Trower to join. See for more.

ft. Sari Schorr – Burn


Bridge Of Sighs

Too Rolling Stoned

Little Bit Of Sympathy

Day Of The Eagle/Bridge Of Sighs

Rock Me Baby(Live!)

I want to take you with me

Caravan To Midnight

Tide of Confusion

I Want You To Love Me

About to Begin

Paul Gilbert Plays Robin Trower Rock Me Baby :Guitar Center Sessions

For Earth Below

Long Misty Days

The Fool and Me

Twice Removed From Yesterday 1973 Full Album

Bridge Of Sighs 1974 Full Album

For Earth Below 1975 Full Album

Robin Trower Live! 1976 Full Album

In City Dreams 1977 Full Album

Caravan To Midnight 1978 Full Album

Beyond The Mist 1985 Full Album

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